Who are the Tigglypops? | Wiggly Tiggly Pop!

Who are the Tigglypops?

tigglypopsThe Tigglypops are Snuggle, Dotty Dots, Bootsy and Tiny Hat. They live in Tiggly Tops – a magical village with a bubble fountain in the town square.

Come and meet the Tigglypops!  The four characters are uniquely designed and brightly coloured. They’re instantly recognisable by the way they dress. Bootsy wears big yellow wellies, Dotty Dots wears a spotty bow, Snuggle keeps warm in a stripy scarf, and you can probably guess what Tiny Hat wears.

Each Tigglypop has their own unique character trait. Bootsy always shows up when there’s food, Dotty Dots is observant and clever, Tiny Hat is sensible and practical and Snuggle can be a bit scatty at times.