The Storytelling Format | Wiggly Tiggly Pop!

The Storytelling Format

snuggle CUThe format of Wiggly Tiggly Pop! is based on a simple, universal storytelling formula as used by authors and scriptwriters the world over. The everyday objects dreamed up by the characters in each episode fit in clearly with this simple, intuitive formula.

The first object to be selected is a “desired object” – something one of the Tigglypops wants.

The second and third things are objects that will help the characters to get their hands on this object.

The fourth thing is something that stands in their way.

In the pilot episode these objects are an apple, a boat, and ladder and a river.

Episode by episode this instinctive style of storytelling will be picked up by both the child and the parent or guardian watching with them, and will encourage them to make up little stories and rhymes together.